Those Two Youngsters…

When we grew up, my mom trusted every one of us. I mean she just had incredible capacity to trust her children. After we graduated high school, every time she had encouraging words to say. She would support literally everything we did. And that’s not usual. Your other grandma – mom’s mom – is more like traditional Chinese moms. More controlling, more believing they know better than you. But my mom and dad, both of them, they were hands off, and when I mean hands off I mean supportive. Grandpa passed away early in my life, I think I was only 24. But I know they were very proud, and very happy with my choices, with my accomplishments, with every step of my growing up.

The only exception is when Chloe was born. Oh my goodness, both grandmas were so concerned. They didn’t talk to each other much on a regular basis like friends do. Every now and then on New Year’s, they would exchange pleasantries. But when mom was with Chloe, they were both really concerned. They thought it was so much burden on us – they didn’t think it was wise, I guess, to have another child. They ended up talking to each other. Your mom’s mom talked to your mom and it didn’t work. So she called my mom and said, “You know, grandma, you should call Xiaoming and reason with him. Those two youngsters…” That’s really the only time my mom raised concern. I was really amused. I said, mom, you got seven kids. If anybody else, you understand. You don’t worry about that.






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