The Slaughterhouse

I had a job to grocery shop for the family. And in China back then, grocery shopping was a huge task. Not a once a week kind of thing; it was every single day. I would buy vegetables, things like that. Basically grandma would tell me what to buy for the day and I would go buy them. And every now and then, once a week, I would go in line to buy tofu and pork. The government rationed us maybe a few squares of tofu every month, and a few pounds of meat – five to ten pounds of pork. We would go to the butcher house and wait in line. Literally wait in line for two hours. And you needed to go there early because if you don’t get there by seven, eight o’clock, you don’t get your meat. Imagine! I was eleven, getting up four o’clock in the morning, going to the slaughterhouse to just wait and wait and wait.






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