Nainai: My Father’s Mother

You remember her?


You do?

Of course!

You saw her last time in 2004, when they came here for Zhifang’s wedding. Grandma was born in 1922, and she passed away in 2011. Almost just a few months away from her 90th birthday. But in Chinese custom, she already passed ninety because Chinese consider a newborn baby to be one year old. So on your first year birthday, you become two. That’s kind of how we count the age. So grandma lived to be 90 years old.

Grandma, mostly she was just so wise. And so friendly, you know, to the neighbors, and to extended family. Grandma basically pulled everything together. Also grandma was very low key. And you know she enjoyed talking, she enjoyed socializing with acquaintances. So for instance when I would go out with her for shopping, we would stop so often because we kept bumping into acquaintances and they would talk and talk and talk. So grandma really was very appropriate, very wise, very dignified. But also very traditional. Outside, she was considered a career woman because she was an educator, teacher, school administrator. But at home she was your traditional wife and just very wise.






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